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Let Us Press Pley: Jus Oborn Of Electric Wizard's Favourite Horror Films
Harry Sword , October 31st, 2017 10:08

Electric Wizard grand magus Jus Oborn talks to Harry Sword about a lifetime of immersion in the outposts of horror, sleaze and exploitation cinema, why 'heavy' isn't about the peddles and amps you use and the importance of playing the long game.


Scream And Die
Valerie and Terry are off to a manor house. They see a sex attack but she ends up dating the killer. And then everything comes full circle. It's quite a subtle movie – it's a very quiet film, really. Even though the subject matter is quite explicit, it unfolds quietly. It's directed by Jose Larrez who directed Vampyres which was his most famous movie. It's really like Vampyres in terms of the house and the mist, but it has more of a raw skanky thing going on: the guy was fucking his aunt in the movie. He loves the intergenerational sex, doesn't he? I'm not sure what's going on there. Also it has a brilliant anti -soundtrack. It's all quiet: nothing really happens, a bit of synth, a bit of orchestral stuff. I'm not even sure how some of it was achieved but it's very creepy. This weird sublime sort of atmosphere. He was very good at that - the subliminal vibe, slowly creeping into the mist. The whole subtlety of horror has been lost over the years. It's the same with metal: modern metal is like the pornography of sound, like 'Phwoar! I wanna hear that fucking hi hat…now I wanna hear that snare drum….I wanna hear everything in close fucking detail'.