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Baker's Dozen

Let Us Press Pley: Jus Oborn Of Electric Wizard's Favourite Horror Films
Harry Sword , October 31st, 2017 10:08

Electric Wizard grand magus Jus Oborn talks to Harry Sword about a lifetime of immersion in the outposts of horror, sleaze and exploitation cinema, why 'heavy' isn't about the peddles and amps you use and the importance of playing the long game.


The Headless Eyes
This is brilliant. An artist loses his eye in a gouging incident and decides that he must make art with eyes. Always eyes. He goes round spooning eyes out to use in his artworks. It's one of those things: some things can be so unhorrific that they become horrific. If it had of been with a knife that would have been out and out horror – but there's something quite banal about using a little spoon, isn't there? (laughs). It makes it much more horrific. I always found it warped. And the portrayal of New York is just brilliant. This nasty stinking shithole full of total corruption. Liz is always telling me about New York and how it used to be. It sounded amazing. What happened? I want to go to the old 42nd street and watch the Ramones.