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Baker's Dozen

It's A Silk Sash Bash: Suzi Quatro's 13 Favourite Albums
Ben Graham , October 25th, 2017 09:42

The one-time Leather Tuscadero talks to Ben Graham about the records that changed her life, plus breaking down barriers, seeking new challenges and being snubbed by the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame


Paolo Nutini - These Streets
I didn't know who he was, because as you get older you don't keep up to date with everything so much, and it came on the radio and I was sitting there with my granddaughter and I said what's that? She said Paolo Nutini, and I said who is he? He's such a good singer! So I went and got the album and I played it out on the patio non-stop. What a great delivery. What an unusual style of singing. And you don't expect him to talk with this Glaswegian accent, do you? Not with that voice! So I like the contrast. But he's got a very good contemporary voice.