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Baker's Dozen

It's A Silk Sash Bash: Suzi Quatro's 13 Favourite Albums
Ben Graham , October 25th, 2017 09:42

The one-time Leather Tuscadero talks to Ben Graham about the records that changed her life, plus breaking down barriers, seeking new challenges and being snubbed by the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame


Adele - 19
I'd heard about her through my daughter and I liked the package. I liked that Adele kept her clothes on, didn't have any fancy things and just sang. She has a very special voice. I recently went to see her gig at the O2, and I saw the last song before she had to stop. To stand up there, a slightly bigger girl, and just hold that amount of audience in your hand and all you're doing is singing, you've got to be pretty special. She's got a voice that reaches out and touches you, and it appeals to every walk of life, young and old. And then of course she did one of my favourite Dylan tracks, 'To Make You Feel My Love'. What a song. I used to play Bob Dylan's version over and over again, and then I heard hers, and I was shocked that I could like anybody's version as much. It doesn't beat it, because the writer is the writer. It doesn't mean Bob Dylan's a great singer, he never was, but he has a style. But she's good. I kept saying at the O2 Arena, to my husband, now there's some talent. I said it like a broken record. I love talent.