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LISTEN: Ane Brun Covers Tom Petty
Christian Eede , October 12th, 2017 14:23

Ane Brun shares a cover of Tom Petty's 'No Reason to Cry' from her just-released covers album

Ane Brun has just released a new album taking in covers of Radiohead, Nick Cave, Sade, Mariah Carey and a whole host more acts.

All in all, there are 14 cover versions featured across Leave Me Breathless, and amongst those is a cover of 'No Reason To Cry' from the late Tom Petty - you can hear her cover above. "One of my dearest friends asked me if I could do a Tom Petty song for this cover album," Brun says. "This gave me a fantastic chance to dig into his catalogue and I discovered some amazing tunes and lyrics!

"Even though I had not really consciously listened to his music, I soon realised I already knew and loved a lot of his songs from the '80s and beginning of the '90s. But I felt like continuing my treasure hunting, and I soon found this beautiful comforting love song 'No Reason To Cry' from the Mojo album released in 2010. These lyrics are so moving to me. I'm so sad this great artist has left us. I believe he had lots more amazing music to give to the world."

Speaking more widely about the album, Brun says: "The whole project started with me falling head over heels with someone new. I recorded cover songs for this person because, quite simply, I was overwhelmed by emotions. The love story was short, but, when it ended, I continued the project, since I felt there was a quality to the versions that I'd already finished. The original idea had been to interpret love songs, romantic songs – it didn't have to be a specifically sad or happy love – but, in the end, there are a few songs with other themes as well. It became a concept of simplifying or interpreting emotional songs in my own way."

Leave Me Breathless is out now on Balloon Ranger Recordings.