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Baker's Dozen

Turning Points: Yusuf/Cat Stevens' 13 Favourite Albums
Yousif Nur , October 11th, 2017 10:42

From Beethoven to The Beach Boys via King Kong: The Musical, these are the 13 pieces of music that shaped Yusuf/Cat Stevens as an artist


Todd Matshikaza and Pat Williams - King Kong, The Musical

King Kong was a musical from South Africa that had an all-black cast. It was a fusion of South African traditional music, soul and jazz. It was so powerful when I listened to it for all those nights. I fell in love with that musical, which was a very big part of my life.

I think [I was drawn to] the authenticity of the voice of what people call world music or ethnic music coming from the earth, of the people, the hope and their struggle. South Africans are so strong with their emotions and I think Africa itself is an amazing, inspirational place for music, because they live and breathe it. It was for me, a connection with the soul.