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Baker's Dozen

Trying Everything On: Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith's Baker's Dozen
Christian Eede , October 4th, 2017 09:47

With her sixth full-length album set for imminent release, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith takes Christian Eede from influential minimalism by Steve Reich to new age ambience by Midori Takada over the course of her Baker's Dozen


Clara Rockmore - ‘The Swan’

This is a song that I knew how to play on classical guitar so it’s something I’m very fond of for that reason. At Berkeley [University of California] you would have to do a proficiency test every semester, and that was one of the songs that you could play. I thought the sounds were all being created with a voice at first, and then when I began researching it, I discovered that it was a theremin. I didn’t know what a theremin was at that time. So I found out who she was and what she was playing, and I would say that was a bridge into electronic music and starting that curiosity for me of looking at other ways to make music. I jumped from her to Delia Derbyshire, and then it all just unravelled.