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Baker's Dozen

Trying Everything On: Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith's Baker's Dozen
Christian Eede , October 4th, 2017 09:47

With her sixth full-length album set for imminent release, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith takes Christian Eede from influential minimalism by Steve Reich to new age ambience by Midori Takada over the course of her Baker's Dozen


No Artist - Environments

I love these records so much. Even if I’m working on a song of my own, or a composition for hire, I’ll leave these playing while I work until I reach the mixing stage. I like to just leave those records playing in the background all the time. On Orcas [Island], I used to have so much fun listening to the one with crashing waves. Orcas is by the ocean, it’s an island, but it doesn’t have really big crashing waves. I loved the novelty of listening to something in that environment that wasn’t of that environment. I like the quirkiness of that. The recording of the birds [‘Optimum Aviary’ from Environments I] is probably my favourite. I’m very influenced by birdsongs, and constantly wanting them to be fed into my subconscious.