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Irrepressible Discoveries: James Lavelle Of UNKLE's 13 Favourite Albums
Elizabeth Aubrey , September 18th, 2017 14:19

With a new album on the way and a much-anticipated set at Brighton's Attenborough Centre at the ready, James Lavelle, the man behind UNKLE and Mo' Wax, takes Elizabeth Aubrey through the 13 records that shaped him


Vangelis - Blade Runner OST

I think it's the greatest soundtrack ever made – it’s one of the most perfect albums ever made. It’s an instrumental piece of music and one of the greatest electronic records ever made. The film was incredible and the way it was made for the film was amazing. Just perfection to me.

The version that was originally released, the Vangelis soundtrack, wasn’t the original soundtrack – it was a composed soundtrack. They released it later in the ’90s, but—I don't know why, but for contractual reasons it never actually materialised for a long time, but it existed as a bootleg. I have a CD bootleg of the original, everything from the movie: it was one of the hardest to find bootlegs ever! I managed to get one—it was bootlegged in Romania of all places. It's a double CD of everything from the movie, buts also half of the stuff that’s never been released. It’s really something. It took me about 10 years to find.