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Baker's Dozen

Walk On In Darkness: Tom G Warrior's 13 Favourite LPs
Jimmy Martin , September 20th, 2017 09:46

Tom G Warrior of Celtic Frost, Triptykon and Hellhammer speaks to Jimmy Martin about the elements that fed his nightmare kaleidoscope, from Quincy Jones to Venom, Roxy Music to the 'Sisters and 'Sabbath


Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here
Pink Floyd maybe led in the other direction from Black Sabbath, so to speak - if Black Sabbath were downwards Pink Floyd were upwards. In hippie terms, their music went into the universe, and of course in 1975 I also walked around like a hippie when I went to school, and I could just completely identify with this music. It was just so limitless, there were no borders; it floated. At the same time I first saw the movie Pink Floyd: Live At Pompeii, which became a key feature in my life. As a matter of fact, when I formed Triptykon I got my three fellow musicians to my home and I sat them down in my living room and I played them the DVD of Pink Floyd: Live At Pompeii. I told them: "You cannot possibly play in this band unless you've seen this movie." That was the indoctrination for my younger co-musicians; that's how important this band is to me.