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Baker's Dozen

Walk On In Darkness: Tom G Warrior's 13 Favourite LPs
Jimmy Martin , September 20th, 2017 09:46

Tom G Warrior of Celtic Frost, Triptykon and Hellhammer speaks to Jimmy Martin about the elements that fed his nightmare kaleidoscope, from Quincy Jones to Venom, Roxy Music to the 'Sisters and 'Sabbath


Deep Purple - Burn
I have been a Deep Purple fan from their In Rock album and then I retroactively discovered their first three albums as well, Of course I like their hard rock period, but when they changed the line-up and added David Coverdale and Glenn Hughes, they just became a band like no other - they added soul like you had never heard it before in heavy rock, and another thing that made them absolutely unique at the time was the twin lead vocals - it completely sucked me in.

You perceived them as friends from photos, but there was the sense of competition [between Coverdale and Hughes] when you listened to the music. The music benefitted immensely from that. That's something I’ve talked about with many bands: there are always musicians who ask me for advice and one of the things I always tell ‘em: "instead of having the band guided by one guy's ego - that leaves no room for any other idea - it’s far better to pool everyone's very best ideas and make the entire band look good." And of course that's what happened in the Coverdale/Hughes era - everyone was full of testosterone and adrenaline I suppose, and everybody wanted to be the star of Deep Purple.