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LISTEN: New Electric Wizard & LP Details
John Doran , September 11th, 2017 10:20

The Wiz are to release their ninth long player...

Doom metal titans Electric Wizard have announced their ninth long player for release on November 10 via Witchfinder/ Spinefarm.

Wizard Bloody Wizard are describing their latest album as “21st Century Funeral Boogie” and sure enough, it references classic sources such as Grand Funk, Sabbath (natch), Blue Cheers and even a touch of T Rex - as well as such staple inspirations as horror films, psychedelia and narcotics.

De facto leader Jus Oborn says: "A lot of modern heavy music has disappeared up its own arse… it’s too pretentious and technical. We wanted to get back to that primal sound… over amplified blues… Hendrix, Blue Cheer, Zeppelin. They took that music and then turned it up… so we thought let's do the blues in our style. Heavy, heavy super fuckin' blues, total snail-paced funeral boogie for this 21st century hell. I guess it's meant to be hopeless but it's also defiant and unbroken.”

The album features hymns to "death, drugs, sex and violence" and was recorded at the band's Satyr IX recording studio lair. Oborn explains: “It’s an anti-studio really. We wanted to put as little between the band and the tape as possible. We needed to take stuff away and use less equipment cos I think the raw sound of the band is killer. Studios have progressively made the recording situation more difficult and convoluted. I always think the best recordings are the simplest and most basic ones. So, yeah, we built the studio that we wanted… mics, mixing desk, tape machine… that’s it. No bullshit.”

Watch this echoing void for more details...

Those pre-ordering Wizard Bloody Wizard will receive a download of lead track 'See You In Hell'.