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Baker's Dozen

I Ate It All Up In Fast Forward: Ariel Pink's Favourite LPs
Christopher Sanders , August 23rd, 2017 10:20

Ariel Pink shares 13 of his favourite records, taking in albums from Ata Kak, The Shaggs and John Maus amongst others


Amon Düül - Paradieswärts Düül
Paradieswärts Düül is the best. The first group, they allowed all the kids, all the mothers, all the dogs, it was true democracy. Chaos in action. There’s those four beautiful records that are all from the same forty-eight-hour jam that are unlistenable. But then there’s this record that came after Amon Düül began making an amazing career for themselves. The guys that were a bit more musican-ly than the other ones shuffled off into a room and started to make their own record. It’s just so fragile, it’s almost like the first death-folk record. It’s just so beautiful. The musical interplay is great. They are very much of their times, too. There’s an idealism there, that you can't substitute. It’s the darkest, dimmest, saddest, obscure record.