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Baker's Dozen

I Ate It All Up In Fast Forward: Ariel Pink's Favourite LPs
Christopher Sanders , August 23rd, 2017 10:20

Ariel Pink shares 13 of his favourite records, taking in albums from Ata Kak, The Shaggs and John Maus amongst others


SPK - Auto-Da-Fé
Like I said, all this industrial stuff was part of what I was listening to before the age of 20. I was buying anything that I hadn't heard yet. I don't even know where i got the money to do this, but I did it. I would just buy it. If something, like this record, looked interesting to me, I’d just get it there and then. I had like three-hundred metal albums and once I remember trading them all in in one fell swoop. I traded 300 in and got 150 random records back, and this and Dome were in there.