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WATCH: New Guy Andrews Video
Christian Eede , August 16th, 2017 15:30

Houndstooth-signed producer Guy Andrews' grandiose new track gets a suitably majestic video

Tåke, the new album from London-based, Houndstooth-signed producer Guy Andrews takes its name from the Norwegian word for 'fog' or 'mist', and that's exactly what's offered up on the video for new track 'It Cannot Surface'.

Cutting in at a slender two minutes, the video offers grands shots of meteorological happenings. "Nature is an unparalleled force to overpower almost anything that stands up to challenge it," Andrews says. "A constantly evolving force which cannot ever be fully controlled; it makes our efforts seem futile when trying to dominate this planet. Mother Earth can exercise huge levels of restraint against human's intentions to interfere: this is the concept which 'It Cannot Surface' is based on.

"Influenced by the principals of nature's power, I decided to create a dynamic element in the composition which has the ability to override what would be key features of a song. I did this by creating a chaotic sea of reverb that drowns the prominent elements of the track - the drums and melody - occasionally letting them rise to the surface for air, only to be submerged once again."

The video's footage was captured by Chad Cowan with Andrews saying that he believes it struck a chord with the original theme for the track. "He manages to capture the evolving power of nature and its humbling sense of scale."

Tåke, released on September 22, was inspired by a visit to Scandinavia last year. A cancelled return flight from Norway due to fog left the producer with more time to explore his surroundings.

"I had some extra time to explore Bergen, the city where I was staying. I ended walking up a small mountain and at the top was greeted by a stunning view of Norway’s fjords – it was such a stark contrast to where I was living at the time that it inspired me to write music that reflects the reward you get from exploring new environments."

You can pre-order the album ahead of its release here.