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Baker's Dozen

Perfect 13: Paul Heaton's Favourite Albums
Adrian Lobb , August 16th, 2017 07:30

Paul Heaton ex of the Housemartins and Beautiful South guides Adrian Lobb through 13 favourite albums - there's a lot of soul in there, but which ones did he nick?


Caitlin Cary & Thad Cockrell - Begonias
This is a one-of record. I don't think they have made a record since together. It is one of those records where I feel like the only person who bought it. I read a review in Mojo, I think, and the weight of the songs makes it fantastic, but the voices together – people often talk about me and Jackie's voices together – and I love that thing, where people's voices just sound right together.

I always describe it as like a third instrument. Thad Cockrell has his voice, which is a great instrument. Caitlin Cary has hers, which is also amazing. But the third one is them both together, which sounds totally different in a way. One and one makes four or five in this case, and I think that is what people sometimes feel about me and Jackie or like when Kenny Rogers sings with Dolly Parton and it creates this new sort of space away from either of them. This record is fantastic for that – if you are looking for a young Kenny and young Dolly, which is the highest praise I can offer, this is a very good record.

There is a song called 'Waiting On June', written by, I think, Roman Candle. It is a beautiful song. This is a great record. You should buy it. That would make at least two of us…