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Music For Falling Through Life: Peter Broderick's Favourite LPs
Elizabeth Aubrey , August 2nd, 2017 08:02

Ahead of his appearance at the Southbank Centre as part of Erased Tapes' tenth birthday celebrations later this year, Peter Broderick speaks to Elizabeth Aubrey about 13 records that inspired him, from Dylan to Arvo Part and Philip Glass


Brigid Mae Power - I Told You The Truth
She's one of my favourite people in the world; she's also my wife now! This is such a special record to me because that was how I was introduced to her and her creative work. We met just playing a concert together in Cork – we got put on the same bill one night and I was just utterly enamoured by her show. I've had this thing happen – it's only happened to me a few times – when I'm watching concerts and my vision starts to almost blur a bit and things start to pixelate: it becomes really surreal. I don't know, it's only happened to me at a few concerts, but it's happened enough times that it's kind of a familiar sensation, and it only happens when I'm utterly captivated. That happened the first time I saw her play, and I just picked up that record and it's such a raw record. It was recorded with a little handheld recording device in a church in Galway in Ireland. I just absolutely love it, I love the way she uses her voice, and I love the raw, honestness of her lyrics.