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Dancing & Defiance - Paul Flynn's Soundtrack To 30 Years Of Gay Culture
Andy Thomas , July 24th, 2017 11:06

To mark the anniversary of the decriminalisation of homosexuality in the UK, Paul Flynn (author of Good as You: From Prejudice to Pride, 30 Years of Gay Britain) chooses 13 records that soundtracked his life, from ACR to Elton and Lil Kim to Sleaford Mods.


Kylie Minogue - Rhythm Of Love
When I was writing Good As You, I wanted to include a chapter on Kylie Minogue without quite knowing why. By the end of the chapter it became clear. Kylie is my generation's chrysalis-to-butterfly pop moment, the great trans-substantiation in which we see our awakenings' reflection, only prettier. Between being the cherry on the cake of PWL and taking proper control of her career, Kylie effectively came out. Rhythm Of Love is an optimum pop record. The run of four singles, 'Better The Devil You Know', 'Step Back In Time', 'What Do I Have To Do?' and 'Shocked' just trowel on the fabulousness, hit after hit. I honestly don't think there's a run on Abba's Greatest Hits better. By this point, Kylie understood the power of making a permanent connection with interesting outsiders at i-D and The Face before jumping onto the cover of Vogue, a strategic career step Katy Perry and Taylor Swift missed but Beyonce and Rihanna hit hard. You notice the difference. Everything changed for Kylie with this record, coinciding with meeting her grand amour, Michael Hutchence. Coming out is comparable to getting a new haircut. Everyone says 'what?' at first before stealthily realising it suits you. Kylie affected all that change in public. I love her.