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Baker's Dozen

Glam Bam! Cheap Trick's Rick Nielsen Picks His Baker's Dozen
Michael Hann , August 7th, 2017 09:19

Cheap Trick's Rick Nielsen embarks on a splurge about the music he loves, from which we somehow manage to extract a Baker's Dozen …


The Mothers Of Invention - Absolutely Free
This is the album with 'Brown Shoes Don't Make It'. What colour shoes are you wearing? Black? Phew. It was the absurdity that I liked in Frank Zappa - this album also had 'Call Any Vegetable'. It was stuff that just didn't make any sense, but they played so well they must know what they're talking about. That was why I liked Soft Machine as well: "Hope for happiness! Happiness! Happiness!" What? I never knew what it was. And that was like The Sensational Alex Harvey Band and Arthur Brown, too. Unpredictability is what I like most in rock bands. But only when it's done well. Like with The Who - they had great pop songs, and then they had 'Boris The Spider'.