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Baker's Dozen

Heading To The West Coast: Susanne Sundfør's 13 Favourite LPs
Michael Hann , September 13th, 2017 08:32

The Norwegian pop star made one of 2015's best albums in Ten Love Songs, but her Baker's Dozen reflects that synthpop was never where her heart lay


Rihanna - Anti
She's the embodiment of high quality modern pop. She's incredible, and I adore her. She sings like no one else, and I read that on this album she wanted to experiment with vocals and you can really hear that: she's trying out so many styles and techniques, and they work really well. She's got an interesting timbre. Musicians don't really talk much about singing techniques, but you can hear how many girls have copied her way of singing, which says a lot about her talent. She's not usually portrayed as a serious artist, which is really unfair, because she really is. She's a great artist. And she has a personality: she seems free, not manufactured, which is very refreshing. A lot of pop stars become machines, but there's so much emotion and playfulness in her music. You can hear in her music how picky she is about who she works with and what she does.