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Baker's Dozen

Heading To The West Coast: Susanne Sundfør's 13 Favourite LPs
Michael Hann , September 13th, 2017 08:32

The Norwegian pop star made one of 2015's best albums in Ten Love Songs, but her Baker's Dozen reflects that synthpop was never where her heart lay


Keith Jarrett - Hymn Spheres
There are a few albums I listen to in dark times. This album is one of them. I'm not a person who listens to a lot of music; I don't do a lot of research, it's like I don't have space for it in my mind. But that album I bought on vinyl. I saw it and thought: "Oh, I've never listened to Keith Jarrett, I'll give it a try.” It's so beautiful. The way he uses the organ is insane: I can't believe it's possible to get that many sounds out of an organ - sometimes it sounds like a synth. But apparently it's all just the organ. His compositions are beautiful, and contra Goldfrapp, it's something I listen to when I feel like shit, because it's meditative and calming. It makes sense that they use the organ as the instrument of God, in church, because it puts you in a different world. You are up in the sky, you're in space, when you listen to the organ.