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Baker's Dozen

A Spoon Baker's Dozen: The Texan Connections Of Julian Cope
Charles Ubaghs , June 28th, 2017 10:13

As Spoon hit the UK their vocalist and founder Britt Daniel guides Charles Ubaghs through his 13 favourite albums, from Public Enemy to Miles Davis, the raw emotion of Cat Power and strange idol Julian Cope


Cat Power - Moon Pix 
As often happens the first record you really get into by an artist, sometimes it's hard to replace that one. She's had great records since but this is the first one that I was blown away by. This record came out in the summer of '98 and my band had been dropped by Elektra. Right after that I moved into the guest room of my best friend's house. I had nowhere to go, I didn't have any money and now I certainly had nothing to do. My relationship with my girlfriend was on the rocks and this was the record I had on in this very bleak moment. Constantly on. It was a thing where it hurts to put it on. It hurts to listen to 'No Sense' and 'Metal Heart'. It's too raw almost. But again, I like being able to feel something in music. I still love it and play it and I still feel like I'm sitting in my friend's extra room in October with the window open and the rain is coming down. It still gives me that feeling.