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Baker's Dozen

A Spoon Baker's Dozen: The Texan Connections Of Julian Cope
Charles Ubaghs , June 28th, 2017 10:13

As Spoon hit the UK their vocalist and founder Britt Daniel guides Charles Ubaghs through his 13 favourite albums, from Public Enemy to Miles Davis, the raw emotion of Cat Power and strange idol Julian Cope


Miles Davis - Sketches of Spain 
To me, this is another mood record. It's more about pieces, pieces of music. I suppose there are some songs there. There are melodies there but it's a bunch of complex pieces. I have a friend who works at a record store and he told me that this album is the most returned album they ever get. I guess people put it on and it's not what they expect from Miles Davis. It's not a bebop record. It's very orchestrated, it's jazz clusters, not rhythm. I hadn't really thought about it but I guess there are a few vibe albums on this list. I love a good album of pop songs but there is something about these ones that you can put on while you're going to sleep, when you're chilling out or after work. It's more about turning off your mind and letting the music wash over you. I like those kinds of records.