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Baker's Dozen

A Spoon Baker's Dozen: The Texan Connections Of Julian Cope
Charles Ubaghs , June 28th, 2017 10:13

As Spoon hit the UK their vocalist and founder Britt Daniel guides Charles Ubaghs through his 13 favourite albums, from Public Enemy to Miles Davis, the raw emotion of Cat Power and strange idol Julian Cope


John Lennon - Plastic Ono Band 
It's been with me for a long time. It's my favourite solo album by a Beatle. I've covered several of the songs on it. Spoon use to do 'Love'. Not too long ago we did 'Remember' and I did 'Isolation' in my solo shows for a long long time. It's as comfortable to me as a Beatles record in that I've listened to it so many times. It's a record where he's embracing pain and talking about it, talking about what he's learned in therapy. I don't know if that's done too well very often but I feel like he knocked it out of the park with 'Mother', 'God' and 'Isolation'.