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LISTEN: New Music From Richard H. Kirk
Christian Eede , June 14th, 2017 12:18

'Nuclear Cloud' is lifted from his first solo album in five years

Richard H. Kirk has announced details of his first solo album in five years, Dasein. Above, you can check out lead track 'Nuclear Cloud' ahead of the album's release.

The nine-track album will be released on Intone Productions, Kirk’s own label, and was recorded, produced and written by Kirk at Western Works, Sheffield, over a three-year period. Significantly, the album marks Kirk's first use of vocals in his own music in a decade with work on the album beginning with MIDI and analogue synthesisers before he turned his attention to working on guitars and vocals.

"A lot of time was spent on post-production, editing and then living with the material and I think it benefited from stepping back and then revisiting after doing other things," he says of the album. He adds that the record wasn't recorded with a distinct political intention but references that "over recent years – during the recording – all manner of horror show events have cropped up and now we seem to be in a re-run of the Cold War with Russia back as the Bogeyman."

The album's title, Dasein, takes its name from the German word for 'being there' or 'presence', often translating simply as 'existence'. Talking about this concept, Kirk says that "culture succumbs to nostalgia in much the same way that an individual looks back wistfully to adolescence or childhood - the nostalgia is partly for a time when he or she wasn’t nostalgic, just lived purely IN THE NOW."

Dasein is out on June 30. You can pre-order the album here.