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Christian Eede , June 13th, 2017 11:44

Polish experimentalists return from brief break with a brand new two-track EP

Polish quartet kIRk have unleashed their latest record, a new two-track offering set for release tomorrow (June 14), and you can stream it above right now.

Hailing from Warsaw, the group whose name means 'Church' in English continue to push at the boundaries of pop and rock from their native, the record's two tracks loaded with crashing drums and grand ideas. The first track, 'Za ostatni grosz', is populated by a distant sense of apocalyptic dread as well as the faintly operatic, soaring vocals of the group's Antonina Nowacka, while the second, 'Nie ma co silić się na naturalność', strips back the splendour of its predecessor for something more reserved.

'Za ostatni grosz' was inspired by the Polish pop rock hit of the same name from the 1980s by Budka Suflera, while 'Nie ma co silić się na naturalność' translates to English as 'There is no point in trying to be natural'.

The EP will be self-released by the band and comes more than 15 years into their life together having originally formed as a trio. The band will premiere the EP and a video for 'Za ostatni grosz' at Warsaw's DZiK on July 14. You can pre-order the record here.