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Baker's Dozen

As Simple As Fun: Beth Ditto's Baker's Dozen
Louise Brown , June 14th, 2017 07:20

As she releases new solo album Fake Sugar, Beth Ditto swears & enthuses about 13 favourite records to Louise Brown, taking in the filth of Lil' Kim to David Bowie and the queer punk of Buzzcocks via Missy Elliott and Lauryn Hill


Lil' Kim – Hard Core
She's so dirty. The rhymes by themselves are incredible, like “He called why I ain't beeped him, well I thought your ass was still sleeping”, it's so good. She was ahead of her time. There's always been sex, like Donna Summer just moaning on a record, but Kim was definitely filthy. And amazing. It was hella sexual but I don't think people give her props. I mean the album after that, The Notorious K.I.M, I almost put that instead. Her rhymes are unparalleled, she is such a fucking good rapper. She is incredible!   And I don't think her sexuality overshadows her because it's so out there. The rhymes are about sex and that's what people are thinking, but it's just shockingly good. It is about sex and she is a woman and she is here, but just the rhymes are so incredible. They're fucking phenomenal. I think everyone respects Lil' Kim, but I think every woman artist is underrated. Honestly, aside from the big pop stars, if you are an artist or a producer or a writer, for the most part, you probably aren't going to get the respect that you deserve.