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Baker's Dozen

Give A Million Percent: Jlin's Baker's Dozen
Ollie Zhang , June 7th, 2017 09:34

As rumours build of a collaboration between Jlin and Aphex Twin, the Indiana producer & writer of our 2015 Album Of The Year caught up with tQ to talk through 13 of her favourite songs and records


Prince - '777-9311'
The drums! The drums! The drums. Hands down, the drums. Who's doing that in real life, honestly? Who would even make something like that up? Every time I listen to it, I'm just like, "what the hell!" Lil John Roberts did a breakdown of that drum pattern and afterwards, even he was like, "I don't even know what I just did." I love it for that. That drum part is crazy, and then to put other instruments around it? That's crazy! 
 Does the drum part in this influence your approach to rhythm at all? 
 No, it actually doesn't. Even though I love percussion this didn't really influence me. When I listen to something, I'm not really listening for it to influence me. If it happens to, then so be it, but it's never my intention when I listen to music.