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Baker's Dozen

Give A Million Percent: Jlin's Baker's Dozen
Ollie Zhang , June 7th, 2017 09:34

As rumours build of a collaboration between Jlin and Aphex Twin, the Indiana producer & writer of our 2015 Album Of The Year caught up with tQ to talk through 13 of her favourite songs and records


Sade - Soldier of Love
I love this entire album! And Sade is my favourite artist anyway - apparently Drake's too. I think he went and got a tattoo of her on his torso which she apparently autographed. Anyway, first of all I'm just a Sade fan, though I actually just hate that word. But I love her, and enjoy all of her work, from her first album Diamond Life to this one. I mean it's Sade, what can I even say? There is no explanation really needed. I actually find it intriguing when I hear some people say that her work puts them to sleep or that she's boring, I find it amazing. Because nobody sounds like her, Sade has always been ahead of her time. Always.  
 What was it about this particular album over the others? 
 It just has some of my favourite songs on it, like 'Be That Easy' and 'Bring me Home'. Of course 'Soldier of Love' as well. Sade has a signature sound and she has a signature voice and it all goes together. There will never be another Sade or another band like hers.