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Baker's Dozen

Give A Million Percent: Jlin's Baker's Dozen
Ollie Zhang , June 7th, 2017 09:34

As rumours build of a collaboration between Jlin and Aphex Twin, the Indiana producer & writer of our 2015 Album Of The Year caught up with tQ to talk through 13 of her favourite songs and records


Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp a Butterfly
This needs no introduction, I mean, it's Kendrick Lamar. My favourite track on there is 'Momma' though. Especially the second verse, because he's saying he thought he knew everything and then one day realized he didn't. I know that feeling! There are moments like that that are part of a constant growing process, and I really love 'Momma' song because it resonates with me in that way.  
 What was it like for you to first hear this album? 
 It actually took me a long time to listen to it. I don't really like listening to things when they first come out because people get so excited and hype it up, and then you go and listen to it and it's like, "I don't get at all what this is about." So I went to go listen to it, and songs like 'The Blacker The Berry' and 'Alright' I just loved. It's nice to hear lyrical content that not only is conscious, but actually speaks about things that are actually happening, and actually talking about real life, real experiences, and things that are happening right now.