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Baker's Dozen

Give A Million Percent: Jlin's Baker's Dozen
Ollie Zhang , June 7th, 2017 09:34

As rumours build of a collaboration between Jlin and Aphex Twin, the Indiana producer & writer of our 2015 Album Of The Year caught up with tQ to talk through 13 of her favourite songs and records


Rachelle Ferrell - Rachelle Ferrell
Every singer just wants to be Rachelle Ferrell when they grow up. This woman can sing, I think what, four octaves? Who doesn't want to be Rachelle Ferrell? If you're a vocalist, you want to be Rachelle Ferrell when you grow up. Rachelle uses her potential like no other I have ever heard. We all know of great singers but I have never seen it done like that.  
 Your parents exposed you to a lot of music, was this something your parents played? 
 Absolutely. Rachelle Ferrell is one of my mom's favourite artists and is now also one of my favourite artists. I used to listen to her all the time as a kid, but didn't learn to appreciate her until I started making music, so now I appreciate her so much more. My hearing has also matured as I've gotten older, and I've learned to appreciate a lot of the music I was exposed to as a kid in a whole new light.