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Baker's Dozen

Give A Million Percent: Jlin's Baker's Dozen
Ollie Zhang , June 7th, 2017 09:34

As rumours build of a collaboration between Jlin and Aphex Twin, the Indiana producer & writer of our 2015 Album Of The Year caught up with tQ to talk through 13 of her favourite songs and records


Araabmuzik - For Professional Use Only Vol. 2 
I love AraabMUZIK's beats. I always have. That man is a monster on the MPC. His finger drumming skills are out of this world. I don't think anybody does that - I mean they finger drum now but I don't believe that anyone is on his level. The way he can put a beat together is just so classic. Everyone on this list has either paved the way, are paving the way or will pave the way for other musicians. And AraabMUZIK definitely, as far as producers go, paved the way and still is. I love it that he puts one million percent in his craft.