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Baker's Dozen

We Like To Dig The Roots: Coldcut's Favourite Albums
Lottie Brazier , May 24th, 2017 08:03

As Ninja Tune founders and Coldcut men Matt Black and Jonathan More release a new Adrian Sherwood-produced new LP they talk Lottie Brazier through the records that sparked their lifetime of eclectic music-making


Creation Rebel – Dub From Creation
JM: So interesting connections really, as we just finished a project with Adrian Sherwood. He did a lot of work with Prince Far-I and Style Scott. There are so many great musicians here, it's a great quirky dub record, sonically very adventurous – it's a killer record that should be in everybody's record collection. For a dub record in 1978 the production is pretty bonkers. Even with dub music there's a pattern that people follow, but with this one it breaks out and does all sorts of crazy stuff. And again, dub and electronic music are very interrelated and obviously dubstep. Modern production techniques take an awful lot from those early days of dub. So it's a very important record in that respect.