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An Expanse Of Sound: Jane Weaver's Favourite Albums
John Freeman , May 17th, 2017 09:37

With the release of her stunning new album, Modern Kosmology, Jane Weaver talks to John Freeman about the 13 records that shaped her musical universe. Portrait by Rebecca Lupton.


Zdeněk Liška - Malá Mořská Víla OST
This is the soundtrack to the Czech film version of The Little Mermaid. Back in the 70s, on a Saturday morning, sometimes there would be a subtitled film on television. It might be a translated fairy tale from Eastern Europe. Andy was wanting to release the soundtrack to this film and he was watching it in the background and I realised I remembered it from seeing it on TV as a child. I immediately recognised the characters and the music.

The amazing thing about this record is it is very orchestral, has Disney Snow White ethereal vocals, but it also has a lot of electronic moments. This record marries up of lots of musical concepts and makes me think about the things I really like. I performed some of this at Festival No. 6 with Joe Duddell and I could barely sing as I was so emotional. Apparently I had grown men in the audience in tears. I had the power!

I find it very haunting, even though it is a foreign-language record. I think it is a really important record and I am so glad that Finders Keepers were able to reissue the album. This album is another production inspiration as well. Many of the records I have chosen are a lot to do with production values, which sounds really nerdy. I love the mix of strings, electronics and choral vocals on this record – which are three of my favourite things. And, because it is the soundtrack to a fairy tale, the album has a narrative, which I love.

It's still mesmerising in the way things could be when you were a child. I have tried to rip off this album loads of times. I did a soundtrack project a few years ago and I really wanted it to sound like something by Liška.