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An Expanse Of Sound: Jane Weaver's Favourite Albums
John Freeman , May 17th, 2017 09:37

With the release of her stunning new album, Modern Kosmology, Jane Weaver talks to John Freeman about the 13 records that shaped her musical universe. Portrait by Rebecca Lupton.


Broadcast - Working And Non Work
This is a compilation of their early singles. This reminds me of a bittersweet time. I moved to Manchester in 1998. I had just come out of one big relationship and was looking forward to some freedom in Manchester, but then I met Andy – and I have been with him ever since. This album was kind of a 'falling in love' album. However, around that time Rob Gretton – I had been signed to his record label – passed away. So, this album reminds me of falling in love but also being really sad.

Also, and obviously, Broadcast and Trish Keenan were one of my major influences. They were such a good band and the untimely passing of Trish meant that I really couldn't listen to Broadcast for a while and their music filed me with such a mix of feelings. It was too upsetting. I was only acquainted to Trish via Andy. He knew her quite well.

Their records are really important. There is something about her voice and her melodies and the production was always really good. They always used exquisite drum patterns. Also, her words were always really considered. Andy said he once went round to Trish's house and she had drawn out loads of spider charts over her wall. It was almost a little insight into how she might have worked. I don't know if she charted everything out, but it appealed to me that she was someone who was really thoughtful about what she was doing. It seemed that she would only do what she wanted and would not compromise. She must have had many offers as a musician, a singer or a writer but it seemed she stayed in her own artistic world – which is what made her so good. She had integrity. That's how it seemed to me as a fan, as I didn't know her that well. I am very happy to admit to being inspired by Trish and [Stereolab's] Lætitia Sadier, because they are both bloody good.