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LISTEN: New Zimpel/Ziołek
Patrick Clarke , May 12th, 2017 10:41

The stunning new single from Zimpel/Ziołek on the evergreen Polish label Instant Classic premieres exclusively with tQ below. Homepage photo by Aleksander Makowski.

One of tQ's favourite labels Instant Classic will release the new album by Zimpel/Ziołek at the end of June. You can listen to the stunning first single from the record, 'Wren', above.

The twosome, Wacław Zimpel, who plays basoon, clarinet, organs and synths on the record, amongst others, and guitarist, vocalist and lyricist Kuba Ziołek recorded their collaboration at Tonn Studio in Łódź, Poland, which also features Jaśmina Polak as a guest backing vocalist.

Last year Zimpel released the acclaimed Lines, which was named in tQ's albums of 2016. Ziołek meanwhile, who also records as Stara Rzeka, released III with the Inner City Ensemble, our third favourite album of the year.

Speaking about the collaboration, Zimpel said: "It was team work from very beginning. When we first met for the rehearsal we had just a brief idea of point of departure. I was already playing solo concerts with organs clarinet and looper - my only electronic gear at that time. Back then I was experimenting with repetitive music ideas so we took this path which was very organic for both of us.

"Kuba had already massive setup of electronic boxes and synths which I had no knowledge about then so he was responsible for soundscapes, drones and othe crazy sounds. Gradually I also started buying new gear adding more and more sounds to our music.

"All frames of compositions came to us naturally through improvisation. We were working on them on concerts developing sounds and forms. After few months break in touring we went to studio and recorded material which was much richer than what we played before. Than Kuba worked on production of the material adding even more layers."