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Baker's Dozen

Bring Back The Sounds: Tim Cedar Of Part Chimp's Baker's Dozen
Matt Ridout , April 26th, 2017 10:35

Following the release of their latest LP IV, Tim Cedar takes Matt Ridout on a journey from Spacemen 3 to the Velvet Underground through his Baker's Dozen. Photo by Steve Gullick.


Trumans Water - Spasm Smash XXXOXoX Ox & Ass
The thing I really got from Trumans Water was that they didn't have standard tuned guitars. That record is a brilliant exercise of the guitar as a tool that you can make rhythms out of rather than as simply a melodic instrument. The first song on Spasm Smash 'The Aroma Of Gina Arnold' is the perfect introduction to it all. It's fantastic.

It's a discordant chaos, I have no idea what they were tuned to but there was no way they were playing in a standard tuning. I saw them a couple of times live, and out of the detuned noise of it all there was still always an underlying melody.