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Baker's Dozen

Bring Back The Sounds: Tim Cedar Of Part Chimp's Baker's Dozen
Matt Ridout , April 26th, 2017 10:35

Following the release of their latest LP IV, Tim Cedar takes Matt Ridout on a journey from Spacemen 3 to the Velvet Underground through his Baker's Dozen. Photo by Steve Gullick.


Dinosaur Jr. - Little Furry Things
The first thing I ever heard by Dinosaur Jr. was the Little Furry Things EP. It was one of the first American indie records I bought when I first moved back to London from Cornwall.

I had always been a drummer, but when I moved back to London I didn't have space for a drumkit so I picked up a bass guitar and learned all of that EP. It opened my eyes that you could sing so unusually and it could sound so wonderful. You didn't have to be a great singer or a guitar player who plays in tune in order to create great music.

I remember seeing them at that time and Lou Barlow had a tape recorder plugged into his amp, between every song he would press play and Napalm Death would play through his amp while they dicked around between songs. Listening to the wah and the sound of the guitar it's like falling off a cliff. It's chaos but really technically wonderful as well.