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Baker's Dozen

Bring Back The Sounds: Tim Cedar Of Part Chimp's Baker's Dozen
Matt Ridout , April 26th, 2017 10:35

Following the release of their latest LP IV, Tim Cedar takes Matt Ridout on a journey from Spacemen 3 to the Velvet Underground through his Baker's Dozen. Photo by Steve Gullick.

I think I owe at least a portion of the tinnitus I sometimes suffer to Tim Cedar and Part Chimp. Don't get me wrong, the exposure was completely voluntary and always resulted in extreme euphoria prior to when the noise stopped and the inevitable ringing started. It's there nonetheless, a creeping reminder of the need to perhaps invest in some proper earplugs.

Having witnessed the four-piece many times, in venues small and large, over the past 12 years it was only a matter of time before it took its toll.

Their sheer volume combined with majestic hooks and songwriting is really what makes Part Chimp tick. This is evident more than ever before on their new LP, IV, the band's first release in eight years and probably the finest distillation of the Chimp live experience on wax to have appeared yet.

Meeting Part Chimp guitarist and vocalist Tim Cedar in a pub near the band's Camberwell studio he seems undecided and a bit concerned about the direction he wants to take his Baker's Dozen.

"I did make a list but it was a bit long. I have a selection of things from when I was younger, but not really sure if I should go with what I think are the best records of all time like a Desert Island Discs, or with the things that influenced me the most or were influential to the band."

With the music that moved Tim in his youth also being the music that helped shape the genesis of the Part Chimp sound, we opt to follow those steps that led him towards where he is now. Take a look at Tim Cedar's personal Baker's Dozen, and read how it helped summon forth the monolithic sound of Part Chimp.

IV was released on Rock Action Records on April 14, 2017 and you can find it here. Part Chimp play London 100 Club on 28th April, Antwerp Het Bos on 24th May and L'Usine in Geneva on 26th May. Click the photo of Tim to begin reading his Baker's Dozen