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Baker's Dozen

The Unspoken Magic: Greg Graffin Of Bad Religion's 13 Founding LPs
Ian Winwood , April 5th, 2017 08:38

As US punk rock hero Greg Graffin releases a new solo album he guides Ian Winwood through some classics of old time Americana, alongside albums by Elton John and former collaborator Todd Rungren


Ricky Skaggs – Highways & Heartaches
Ricky Skaggs is known for bluegrass and country music, and if you had to give someone a primer as to what is country music then Highways & Heartaches is the album that I would point people to. That album is incredible. If you let it bother you that it's country music then I would say that music isn't your thing. I know that Steve Earle has helped to popularise a genre that is known as outlaw-country, and that he gets a lot of press, but if I'm being honest with you, I don't think Steve Earle can sing. One thing about the choices I've made here is that there are no weaknesses when it comes to the singing – even Neil Young is very musical in his voice. I'd disagree with people who say that Neil Young can't sing.