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English Heretic Album Launch In Camden
John Doran , March 23rd, 2017 10:11

Pagan post punk, interfered with techno, industrial accidents in Hull... sounds like a top night out...

English Heretic, aka Andy Sharp, is launching his new album on Thursday March 30 at the Black Heart in Camden and you can get tickets here for an eminently reasonable £6.

Wish You Were Heretic is his 14th album and as you'd expect he has delved deep into the esoteric and occult history of England, drawing on such figures as the huckster Charles Pace who drew murals at Crowley's bolt hole on Loch Ness, Boleskine; revered author MR James and the poet Robert Graves.

Andy says: "England's puritan dream dissolves to a leering priapic demon sphere. Pagan post punk, incantatory monologues and gnostic insinuations, Wish You Were Heretic is English Heretic's heaviest incarnation to date."

As well as a performance from English Heretic, Palehorse and Trencher synth wrangler Mark Dicker is collaborating with John Doran on a piece called 'Testimony' (a piece co-written by Cosey Fanni Tutti of Throbbing Gristle) about industrial accidents. Doran is also providing his rudimentary DJ skills to aid Natalie Sharp's Interference project, as he plays drone, techno and bleak beats while she responds using analog synthesis and kaos pad vocal loops all on the fly.

And if you want to come - which of course you do - here's the Facebook page...

'Hypnotherapy' by John Doran and Mark Dicker

'Plan For The Kidnap Of Princess Anne' by English Heretic featuring Mark Fisher