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Baker's Dozen

How Do I Listen To This? Tyondai Braxton's Favourite LPs
Lottie Brazier , March 20th, 2017 13:05

As he prepares to to play London's Convergence Festival and other UK venues, Tyondai Braxton guides Lottie Brazier through 13 key records, from Brian Eno to Mark Fell, Autechre and Florian Hecker


Florian Hecker – Articulação
This series of pieces by Florian Hecker is great. The 30 minute modular synth piece in the book ended by the vocal pieces is a really amazing. I could listen to this piece as one whole composition – I don't actually know his mode of operation, but it works great as a collection. As a modular synth and electronic music guy, the middle movement is just masterful. And he's such an interesting guy, so again, very personalised as far as the way that he works. I don't know at all about what he thinks. In a lot of ways theoretically he's quite impenetrable, I don't know where he's coming from in some instances. He definitely excites me. A lot of his stuff is heavily theoretical. Like the Joan le Barbara movement in the beginning with the voice – it's like the reciting of these philosophical truths or something. And in a way, I would ask him, “Am I supposed to be digesting all of this information or am I supposed to be just letting it wash over me?” That's how I appreciate it.