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Baker's Dozen

A Stellular Selection: Rose Dougall's Favourite Albums
Jeremy Allen , March 1st, 2017 11:32

As she prepares to tour new album Stellular, Rose Dougall guides Jeremy Allen through her favourite 13 records, from dub reggae to folk and the otherworldly pop of Broadcast


Life Without Buildings - Any Other City
I was about 15 in 2001 when this was first out, and I remember it was quite an edgy thing for me to be into, because I was listening to a lot of Nick Drake and Joni Mitchell at the time. That post-punk sound in the band was a little more jagged than I was used to, so it was a bit of a departure for me. I'd not heard that kind of speak-singing from a British female singer ever, and there's an urgency to the whole thing. It just felt so fresh and unusual, so it's perfect music for a teenage girl.

Me and my two friends at school, we all know the whole thing off by heart, even if it is quite abstract; there are no choruses but it's still really musical and quite accessible in a way. It really captures that teenage time for me, and I feel it's still quite fresh sounding. It hasn't actually aged particularly.