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Baker's Dozen

Jamming Good: Spiders Drummer Woody Woodmansey's Favourite Bowie Moments
Valerie Siebert , February 22nd, 2017 09:50

During the earthly sojourn of Ziggy Stardust, Woody Woodmansey laid down the rhythm for David Bowie's mercurial backing band The Spiders From Mars. Here he talks Valerie Siebert through his 13 favourite Bowie tracks, sharing personal memories of how they were made along the way.


'Sweet Thing'
I didn’t play on that one either, and also heard it for the first time while listening to the radio. It just has an indescribable feel about it that involves a lot of yucky things from life. You can watch a movie and it will have horrible bits in it, but it will have nice bits in it too, and if you didn’t get through the horrible part of the movie, then the nice bits wouldn’t be as nice. That was one of those songs like that, where it was nice, but it was horrible as well. For me anyway! I could include more from his career later on that I really liked, of course, but certain ones just hit me as a normal member of the public, so I wasn’t going: “Oh this is a Bowie song, I better hear it,” I just heard it and it caught my attention. That just happens sometime, when something is playing in the background and then it just grabs you, while you might be doing something else.