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Baker's Dozen

While His Synth Gently Beeps: Benge's Favourite Electronic LPs
Luke Turner , February 15th, 2017 10:50

We know you all love a bit of synth porn so here's Benge's Baker's Dozen - a sort of synth erotica reading, if you will, as he guides you through 13 electronic favourites from Morton Subotnick to Else Marie Pade and George Harrison's Moog explorations to Air and Autechre. Benge photo by Ed Fielding


Autechre - Elseq 1-5
On their most recent album Rob and Sean have given us over four hours of music, which is very generous of them. Its always interesting listening to how their sound has slowly developed over the years. They are very secretive about their processes, but I would imagine their music is created entirely on the computer using some unique software platform, possibly created inside MAX or Kyma, or Reaktor. These are sound creation platforms where you can create your own complete environment, covering sound sources, effects, composition, mixing and everything you can imagine. You can design your own world and create anything imaginable, but interestingly they all have their own 'sound', meaning that the software itself imparts something of itself onto your music. Regardless of how they do it, they have an amazing ear for creating baffling and inspiring music