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Baker's Dozen

While His Synth Gently Beeps: Benge's Favourite Electronic LPs
Luke Turner , February 15th, 2017 10:50

We know you all love a bit of synth porn so here's Benge's Baker's Dozen - a sort of synth erotica reading, if you will, as he guides you through 13 electronic favourites from Morton Subotnick to Else Marie Pade and George Harrison's Moog explorations to Air and Autechre. Benge photo by Ed Fielding


Arthur Russell - World Of Echo
Some people just have a naturally beautiful way of doing things. To me Arthur Russell has this innate ability to create beautiful and unique music. The tone of his voice, his melodic taste, his touch, his way of recording and mixing, his ideas just all add up to something that really works for me.

This is the only record on this list to predominantly feature vocals. But I see the vocals used on this album as another instrument to be manipulated and experimented with sonically, along with his cello, and his beloved echo box.

This was his only studio album, but if you explore around a bit you will discover an amazing range of music that he made in his brief career. Look out for some of the most experimental 80s disco music you have ever heard. There are 1000s of unreleased tracks somewhere!