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Baker's Dozen

While His Synth Gently Beeps: Benge's Favourite Electronic LPs
Luke Turner , February 15th, 2017 10:50

We know you all love a bit of synth porn so here's Benge's Baker's Dozen - a sort of synth erotica reading, if you will, as he guides you through 13 electronic favourites from Morton Subotnick to Else Marie Pade and George Harrison's Moog explorations to Air and Autechre. Benge photo by Ed Fielding


John Adams - Light Over Water
Sometimes I get very inspired just by vague feelings, sort of like half-remembered dreams from my childhood, or maybe images at the back of my mind that I can’t put into words. Was there some beautiful park I was taken to once, where the sunlight shone a certain way through a line of silver birches, down a long grassy slope towards a glistening white cubist building surrounded by turquoise water, the spring air and smell of cut grass overwhelming me? This is the exact place this album takes me to.