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Baker's Dozen

A Tower Of Songs: Martha Wainwright's Favourite Albums
Elizabeth Aubrey , February 8th, 2017 10:25

In a revealing Baker's Dozen interview Martha Wainwright discusses family, love, parenthood and music with Elizabeth Aubrey. Portrait by Carl Lessard


Father John Misty - Fear Fun
I stumbled upon this. I don't know why I had it – maybe some record company person gave it to me and I of course being naïve didn't know who he was or the extent of his popularity. I turned it on and was totally flabbergasted. I didn't even know what he looked like and then I looked him up and I was like, 'uh-oh – now I'm falling in love with somebody!'

I really appreciated the story of doing a little acid and him opening up his mind to the songs. I just thought it was really creative in an old Californian musical way that reminded me of that bigness, like Harry Nilsson where you just let it be big and don't fear the bigness. Big, beautiful vocals of beautiful sounds and a kind of freedom – I really appreciated that. It just seemed so different to me at the time.