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Baker's Dozen

Elias Rønnenfelt Of Iceage & Marching Church's Favourite LPs
Daniel Dylan Wray , February 1st, 2017 12:11

Ahead of Marching Church's appearance at Roskilde Festival later this year, Elias Rønnenfelt guides Daniel Dylan Wray through his favourite 13 albums


Scott Walker – Scott 3
You could go with either one of the first four Scott records and also some of the later ones like The Drift, they meant so much, but Scott 3 is probably just the one I've listened to the most. 'Jackie' was the first song of his I ever heard but I was caught immediately, it was one of those things that from the first second, the first phrase, it was clear it was something that penetrated me, something that lit me on fire and shook me. He had a new way of being a singer that I hadn't seen before, he's displaying this seemingly delusional grandeur that I really took as an inspiration to place in my own work and that I could really relate to. It's a particular type of school of what it means to be a singer, one that is at once absurd and grand and too much. I hadn't heard it before Scott Walker but it's incredibly beautiful. Serge Gainsbourg is someone I could place in the same category, I guess. I remember listening to Scott 3 on this particular mushroom trip with my friend Daniel. As we were coming up and I was staring out the window and I felt like I was riding on the album's trail of emotions, feeling the tragedies and triumphs to the very depths of it.