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Baker's Dozen

Elias Rønnenfelt Of Iceage & Marching Church's Favourite LPs
Daniel Dylan Wray , February 1st, 2017 12:11

Ahead of Marching Church's appearance at Roskilde Festival later this year, Elias Rønnenfelt guides Daniel Dylan Wray through his favourite 13 albums


The Doors – Strange Days
I definitely didn't have any patience for any sort of hippy music when I was a teenager but this was different. It had this kind of whole other realm to it that I felt other classic rock groups didn't, I would hear groups like Pink Floyd and Jimi Hendrix and be disgusted but listening to The Doors, they sound like a classic rock ensemble but the dynamic they have is so much more than that. It's theatrical and its seductive and it invokes such light and darkness that fights against each other, it confuses. That's a great thing about music when it can confuse or juxtapose different emotions and create some kind of dubious picture in a way, when you're not really sure what the intent is. It draws you in but it's also towering over you, that was really inspiring. When you compare them to someone like The Beatles, which is just friendly music that draws you in and you're just there… I've always hated them, it's the most unsexy music of all time. On this album, songs such 'Horse Latitudes' and 'When The Music's Over' The Doors really introduced me to powers in music that I didn't know existed, really dangerous-sounding and captivating and enticing. Jim Morrison has definitely got one of those godly voices.